Parker/Kaucic/ DeMattia/Simon : Arkosberg

IZK CD1109- september 2020


Evan Parker : tenor,soprano sax

Zlatko Kaucic: Drums,percussions,el.zyther

Massimo DeMattia : flute

Bostjan Simon : sax, electronics


Double CD


Review from Maciej Lewenstein :

***** Arkosberg} Klopotec IZK 109 2 CDs   Zlatko Kaucic, (zither, perc, elec zither, objects); Evan Parker (ss, ts); Massimo de Mattia (flutes); Bostian Simon (saxophone) . June 2019. Due to courtesy of the producer, Iztok Zupan, I got this wonderful double album before its premiere. "Akrosberg" is a crinicle of the two concerts given by Zlatko Kaucic and Evan Parker, but, as Bill Shoemaker says: "it documents something larger than two concerts – the itinerant art of improvised music." Indeed, "Kromberk Stories" is an amazing duo album, recorded castle Kromberk. Zlatko and Evan play three full length improvisations, showing unbelievable synergy and emotional and spiritual usinty. Evan starts on tenor on "Permojdus". "Tadejko" starts with percussion/drums solo, and develops into a "classical" Evan's expressive track for soprano. After another percussion intermezzo, Evan turns to the tenor, plays a beautiful cadenza and ends with explosive duo with Zlatko. "Soncni izviri" starts also  with a beautiful Zlatko's solo statement. This time Evan begins on tenor, to continue on soprano. After another show of Zlatko's sensitivity and emotionality, they came back in a tenor-drums dou of highest possible quality. The final "Nezkoti" lasts only 4 minutes, but is also magisterial: it is the most abstract tune, with plenty of percussion and saxophone effects and amazing soprano lines. The spirit of Stevy Lacy is awake."Nezkoti" is the composition of Steve Lacy "The Dumps"  The second disc is completely different. "Arkos" was recorded live in Marano  (Italy) for Udine jazz festival by a quartet. Evan plays tenor solo, but is supported by Massimo de Mattia on flutes, and Bo\v stian Simon on saxophones. . Zlatko plays his electric zither and objects, which make the sound completely unorthodox. This is already beautifully heard on the opening 35 minutes long "A", which is the highlight of the set. "AR"  is "only" 11  minutes long, but equally attractive: it is a more abstract track, with fragmented conversations between various instruments. It starts with a "inside" or "prepared" zither solo, and develops first into a tenor-zither duo of Evan and Zlatko, and then the full quartet statement with fantastic Massimo and Bostian on baritone.  The set  closes with two short tracks, "Arko" and "Arkos", both truly remarkable. A great achievement artistically! Technical level of recording, mixin and mastering is delightful -- bravo Iztok!



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