Lotte Anker: Plodi

(from Brda Contemporary Music Festival 2016)

Lotte's solo in church, duo with Zlatko, quartet with Zlatko, Rafal and Artur

IZK CD069 - september 2017


Lotte Anker: saxophone

Zlatko Kaucic: drums, percussions

Rafal Mazur: accustic bass

Artur Majewski: trumpet



Video : Lotte and Zlatko ; Lotte, Zlatko,Artur and Rafal

Review :

  Stef Gjissels put Plodi on Top Ten in FreeJazzBlog: only she can find this emotional depth in an alto

  AllAbouJazz(Glenn Astarita)

  Eyal Hareuveni on salt-peanuts : Therefore an album as «Plodi» gives many reason for celebration. This album features the refined art of Anker at its best, in different halls and settings.

  Jean - Michel Van Schouwburg : For more than a decade, there has been the affirmation and confirmation of a new wave of saxophonist women in free music and, among them, Lotte Anker is really a name to follow.


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