Poetrio: Haiku2Music Live

IZK CD058 - junij 2017



Mirjana Gvozdenac: vocal,piano

Mary Agnes Servatius: cello, vocal

Borut Novakovic: lute, vocal

Klara Stanic: clarinet , vocal

Ziga Sercer: percussions , vocal


Poetrio is a music ensemble from Slovenia taking care of and exploring the special bond between music and poetry. Until recently the group was mainly exploring Slovenian poetry, putting to music several contemporary Slovenian poets (Barbara Motoh Bračanov, Alenka Rebula,  Marko Matičetov, Mef, etc.) whose poems convey a deeper meaning which could be expressed through music. Their latest project, Haiku2Music (2016), is very special - bringing together haiku poetry and music. Although haiku poems seem simple on surface, they are very complex, as they express thoughts in just a few words. The excitement to try to mirror the mood, colours, message, and meaning of each haiku poem in music was immense.

Mirjana Gvozdenac, the composer, chose haiku poems written by her late friend, poet and artist Nenad Burgić in Serbian. Nenad Burgić, who tragically died in 1990, was an economist, career diplomat, and artist. Art played an important role in Nenad's life, especially after returning from Japan, where among other things, he mastered calligraphy, which later became one of his fascinations and important means of expression. His special love for calligraphy and its meanings can also be felt in his haiku. His book »Closed (but once it is opened) Open Book«, consisting of 106 Haiku, was published in 1979.

Among all of them, Mirjana chose 12 haiku poems of which 11 depict nature (natural phenomena or nature), while one of them, Shoes, actually helps us to engage with nature and its phenomena in a more meaningful way. 

They never walk alone

Yet know so many paths

My old shoes

The Poet's mood is reflected in carefully composed music which combines elements of classical music and improvisation, thus enabling each performer to add their own feeling. The singing of haiku poems and the Balkan melos and rhythm create a unique atmosphere.


Review: Nina Novak-Sigic(SLO)


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